Crowd Control Stanchions

Boulevard Supply of Las Vegas sells a variety crowd control equipment to hotels, restaurants, retailers, party rental and event companies, commercial accounts and the public throughout the southwest and nationally. We sell front of the house stanchions commonly seen in theaters, hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports. We also supply industrial stanchions, plastic stanchions, elegant and classy post and velvet rope stanchions commonly used at red carpet and VIP events, turnstiles and railing systems.

Post and Rope Stanchions Retractable Belt Stanchions Lightweight Plastic Stanchions Industrial Safety Stanchions
Post and Rope Retractable Plastic Safety
Dual Retractable Belt Stanchions Short Low Profile Stanchions Square Post and Base Stanchions Wide Web Belt Stanchions
Dual Belt Mini Square Wide Belt
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Stanchions Clear Post See Through Stanchions Portable Stanchions Storage Carts Stanchions Top Accessories
Marine Grade Clear/See Thru Storage Accessories
Portable and Permanent Railing Systems Waist High Turnstiles Supplier Las Vegas
Custom Printed Railing Systems Turnstiles Stanchion Ropes

We carry high quality stanchions that meet the high standards of most businesses and hotels in Las Vegas. The stanchions we feature and that we supply are highly configurable and offer multiple belt options, base, post, color and rope options as well. In addition to our VIP and Stanchion Masters stanchions, we display select Tensator® stanchions and have access to the entire Tensator® line of crowd control and hospitality products, equipment and accessories. Tensator® stanchions meet the strict requirements of four and five star hotels as well as those in need of a superior product.

Our Product Line include stanchions from:

  • Visiontron / Visiontron Prime / Retracta-Belt
  • Stanchion Masters / VIP Crowd Control
  • Glaro Stanchions and Railing Systems
  • Tensator / Tensabarrier
  • Queueway
  • Custom Built Stanchions
  • Powder Coated and also Wrapped Stanchions


What are stanchions and what purpose do they serve?  Stanchions provide and serve multiple purposes for businesses of all kinds.

  • Organization/Crowd Control – Without some sort of organizational system in place, crowds of people without direction can cause problems for you and your business. It is your responsibility, as a business owner, to contain, direct your customers and control the flow of traffic in a safe and effective manor. Stanchions and signage accomplish this.
  • Aesthetics – Most post type stanchions with velvet ropes and many of the retractable stanchions can add a touch of class and elegance to your venue and event.
  • Safety – Stanchions can be strategically placed creating awareness while providing a buffer around potentially dangerous areas.
  • Separation – Not all of your customers need to be in the same place. You can section off certain areas and direct people where you want them via strategic stanchion placement.
  • Atmosphere – The new LED lighted stanchions can provide a fun and festive atmosphere in nightclubs, bars and in pool areas. Attractive color changing displays and audio sensors that react to the beat of the music.