Traffic Control Equipment

Boulevard Supply has traffic control equipment for sale at our Las Vegas location. We sell to local businesses and parking lot owners, road crews, construction companies and the public. We supply traffic safety cones, parking blocks and speed bumps that allow you to control the flow and direction of traffic in your parking lot. Customer service and your obligation to customer safety begins in the parking lot. You control the flow, your customer parks with ease leading to an enjoyable experience from the moment they enter your property.


Optional Stenciling is available on bulk purchases for an additional fee

Orange Traffic Cones California Nevada ArizonaSHIPPING: We have warehouse locations on both the east and west coast and in Houston, TX. Our cones reach most destinations within 5 business days. Nationwide shipping is available.

Come See Our Selection of Traffic Cones in Our Las Vegas Showroom

Why buy traffic cones from Boulevard Supply? We carry the Revolution Series traffic cones manufactured by JBC in California, New Jersey and Houston, Texas. These are high quality injection molded fluorescent orange traffic cones that stand up to abuse, literally! Just watch the JBC video of below of their cones versus the standard flow molded competitor after being run over by a semi tractor.

We suggest you read the MUTCD regulations for traffic cone use if you plan on purchasing traffic cones for public roads and highways.


  • Traffic Delineators
  • Vertical Parking Signs